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If you are embarrassed at the word, "fuck", well, sorry to see you leave for it occurs herein.

It is actually a wonderful word with an array of definitions and nuances...

For a Democracy to be healthy the people must be active participants...

Without the watchful eye of the people Fascism is inevitable...

For the truth to be heard do not listen to the loudest voice...

Your ignorance is their power.

There is what you want, what you wish, what you expect and what you believe.

Then there is reality.

Hope is a child asking questions.

Avoiding the truth is the same as lying.

In the dark everyone looks the same.

Nothing in life is so worthwhile as that which is shared with a friend.

For those without a friend life is the hardest of all.

Pour water into a cup, it becomes the cup.
Pour water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot.
Be water my friend.

  – Bruce Lee

Nature is what we know
But have no art to say,
So impotent our wisdom is
To Her simplicity.

  – Emily Dickinson

But the people of local towns and family farms, while not rich, have food enough to share with dogs – even dogs who do no work and only lie around all day with their mouths open and their long, sharp teeth showing.
  – Octavia Butler, "Parable of the Talents"

  'But I must admit,' he added with a gueer laugh, 'that I hoped you would take me for my own sake. A hunted man sometimes wearies of distrust and longs for friendship. But there, I believe my looks are against me.'
  'They are – at first sight at any rate,' laughed Pippin with sudden relief after reading Gandalf's letter. 'But handsome is as handsome does, as we say in the Shire; and I dear say we shall all look much the same after lying for days in hedges and ditches.'

  – J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Fellowship of the Ring"

Nobody stood up and asked for a story until they had heard a story.
  – Orson Welles

"I have seen many things. I have seen death. And Juan Martine died that night."
  – "Man in the Shadow" (1957)

When people get mad, you know you've done a good job. And if you've done an excellent job, you'll receive death threats.
  – Hussein Ibish

"I believe in something a heap more powerful than I be."
  – "Sgt. York"

Our system completely broke down and failed.
  – David Kay

Let me just get you some answers that will be more acceptable to you.
  – 'Snow Job'

The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.
  – Henry Kissinger

No man has the natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another.
  – President Thomas Jefferson

Fuck Saddam! We're taking him out.
  – President George W. Bush

We go into a Super Stop & Shop – each one exactly the same across the entire U.S. – and are immediately confronted with rows and rows of shiny, unblemished apples; shiny because they are covered in a substance that makes them shine; unblemished because they are covered with a substance that is poisonous to life – and there are aisles and aisles of tons of food, all individually wrapped in a little paper, tin or plastic container most likely destined to a landfill.

Most prepared foods, from bread to soup, are filled with High Fructose Corn Syrup or "Organic" Evaporated Cane Juice, and people wonder why Americans are overweight. Years of "fat free" advertising has corrupted the American mind into reading the large slogans on the package front and not the small ingredients on the back, where the word "sugar" has been usurped by "corn syrup" and "cane juice" and "dextrose" and so many other synonyms. A low-fat, high-sugar diet keeps people hungry – which is why Americans are on a low-fat, high-sugar diet.

American illiteracy is what is making people overweight.

Millions of people drive millions of mega-cars that get no better gas mileage than 30 years ago, driving them further and faster every year, leaning out of them to pick up their sugary food at drive-through food dispensers, all the while wondering why gas and food prices are so high.

Millions of the rest of us, too old or too poor or too tired or too caring to buy the latest fashion on wheels, yearn for public transportation – killed by "Conservatives" because it puts a drag on their "individualism" – all the while getting put down as "Liberals" by the leaders of our country on Wall Street who want us all to just go the Mall and buy stuff... and to shut the fuck up or you'll be sprayed in the face with pepper-spray.

Giving money to the rich is the answer we are told by the self-proclaimed "Compassionate Conservatives", because the rich will then be able to give us jobs (thereby giving us back some of the money that we give them), all the while they actively hide the fact that most money goes sideways, as those who can afford luxury buy luxury from those who can afford the luxury to produce luxury... any money that actually would trickle down would be just that, a trickle.

That is "Compassionate Conservatism" in action. A new horror inflicted on the world to make it safe from Democracy...

The Third World – some of it now existing within the borders of the United States – is worlds away from the American Media's "What's Hot" list – there just haven't been enough famines lately (except that there have been). Nothing beats an image of child's extended stomach, except the image of a child held over a balcony by a celebrity.

  – g.a.jennings, January 20, 2013

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