April 21, 2013


Americans are morally corrupt. I stand by that assessment. In fact, I believe Americans are, far, far worse. They, we, are pathologically deluded.

To be fair, that is not true of all Americans. And -- although I may have many problems of my own -- I do not account myself among the corrupt or deluded. I may be wrong in my assessment, but I feel that there is evidence to support my claim.

An insane man does not know he is insane -- in fact, he most probably believes it is other men who are insane. And so too are the deluded unaware of their delusions -- thinking it is the "others" that are deluded.

What struck me most intently as I re-read these essays is the obviousness of my claims. As I wrote in my essay on the Separation of Church & State: that this is the case cannot be denied.

How can there be "Thou shall not kill" on a courtroom wall in a country that kills so many? And we do kill so many. That this is the case cannot be denied.

Not only were there no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, there were no "facilities", no "materials", no "programs". George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were pathological liars. That this is the case cannot be denied.

Many of our so-called pundits are totally ignorant of history. That this is the case cannot be denied.

Many of them are blatant white-supremacists. That this is the case cannot be denied.

Most Americans have no concept of what it is like to be on the receiving end of war, and lack a true understanding of honor or occupation. That this is the case cannot be denied.

You see, Americans have a case of "the others". And the "American Delusion" started with the statement, "All men are created equal." Oh, no, no, no! you shout in anger! How dare you denegrate the founding of this, the greatest country and source of good in the world!

Yeah, well, in 1776, women were not "men", were they? Africans were not "men", were they? Indians were not "men", were they? Non-land holders were not "men", were they?

And many others were, for almost two hundreds years not "men": Chinese, Germans, Irish, Polish, Jews, and oh so many more...

For how long after Africans were not considered property were they considered "the negro"? Ignorant, docile, submissive, ill-mannered and separate? Just when were they "allowed" to marry whites?

For how long were Indians considered "savages" and "heathens"? And by whom? Where does the phrase "filthy Jew" come from?

Most Americans, you would think, driven by guilt alone, just do not want to hear these questions, let alone confront them. But most Americans simply do not understand these questions.

For a long time, most Americans belived Communism wanted to convert and control the world, and that that was really bad. Today, most Americans think that Islam wants to convert and control the world, and that that is really, really bad. But how many Americans are aware that Christian missionaries have been trying to do just that all across the world for centuries?

More cultures have been eliminated by Christians than by Communism and Islam than any American can Imagine. Whole cultures eliminated from our world by Christians who want to convert and control the world while telling us that people who want to convert and control the world are evil.

That America is not a theocracy -- as Islamic countries are condemned for being -- is soley due to the fact that somehow the Conservatives have been unsuccessful at implementing Biblical law in the United States. Given the chance they most assuredly will -- for they tell us so!

Maybe, just maybe, I am wrong in my assessment of the American people. But too many of them have no voice. Unions have been all but destroyed. Public transporation, all but destroyed. Public schools, public health, public defenders, public dissent, all being attacked, while faux "attacks" on -- of all things -- holidays, make more headlines.

The Devil's greatest lie may be in convincing the world that he does not exist. But the Conservative's greatest lie is in convincing Americans that the media are "Liberal".

America invented something called television. And most Americans bought TVs produced by "the profit motive" motivated businesses. And at some point, one-half-hour a day or so, just after dinner time, three "channels" -- ABC, CBS, NBC -- brought news into our homes. Well, at some point, a few anchors mistakenly reported on something called "the Vietnam War" and "protests" and "hippies" and "feminists".

Holy fucking shit did that scare some people! A really nice white Christian family suddenly had at it's dinner table, dating their daughter, a young man that had long hair talking about "the establishment"! Now that "the others" -- the blacks and the browns and the yellows and the reds and the Jews -- were safely hidden away from their daughters, they were being infiltrated by, Oh my God! other white people!

And that's the fucking crime of the fucking Liberal. He's white! He's fucking white! "We can't demonize a person for being white!" spread through the system.

And so, they invented "the Liberal". The ultimate "other". The all encompassing "other". Now, not just the existing "others" of color and of communism could be demonized, but the "new others", the faggots, draft-dodgers, loafers, elites, professors, radicals, idealists, poets, artists, singers, actors, directors, authors, lawyers, judges, anchors, reporters, hippies, feminists, organizers, activists, editors... could be demonized.

And then America invented something called "cable". And the three-channel-one-half-hour-a-day-news became potentially-twenty-four-hours-a-day-news and some people started shitting their pants!

And then Fox News was created. And the rest is history. Only it's not.

For, because of MTV -- that twenty-four-hour-a-day-brand-selling-corporate-channel -- ultimately what was included into "liberalism" were rappers, skateboarders, goths, punks, gamers, recyclers, vegetarians, vegans, environmentalists, latte-drinkers... Because, ultimately, sectarianism was losing ground to, not secularism, as they love to whine, but freedom.

Yes, it was corporatism in the guise of freedom, but it was a kind of freedom out of the control of religion. Suddenly, children were "worshiping" TV and magazines and make-up and clothes and not Jesus. Oh my God they were going to concerts and not church!

Children were doing what they wanted and not what parents demanded. And that is why Conservatives hate Liberals.

(C) 2013, Greg Jennings