August 24, 2006

Americans vs. The World, Part 1

Americans have never felt the presence of foreign troops1. To Americans, the founding of their country came of the victorious fighting against "The Indians," and "The French" and finally "The British." And from there Americans conquered it's own wilderness from the east to California and Alaska.

Several remote and forgotten (and annexed) island nations later, Americans next fought to victory in Europe. Twice.

"America" did not prevail in N. Korea and in S. Vietnam, but "Americans" would have if "the Liberals" let us fight to win.

There were other, many other, wars and battles and interventions fought -- but how many, Americans either do not know of or care of.

But Americans have never felt foreigners on their own soil.

And I doubt that Americans truly are aware of their country's presence as foreigners in other countries.

Let us hypothesize foreigners on American soil.

Let us imagine riots in some large, southern U.S. city, over, say, immigration. Let us further imagine a foreign country sending troops to "help" stop the violence. Let us imagine that these troops bring with them guns and bombs and actually start using them. Let us imagine Americans dying at those "foreigners" hands.

Now, answer me this: How would Americans feel? What would Americans do?

I realize that hypotheticals can never accurately portray a real world situation and that many people think that I am trying to compare this hypothetical with some real recent action, like the U. S. invasion of Iraq, or Israel's invasion of Lebanon. I am also aware that many will simply respond with, "That would never happen." or with other questions regarding this hypothetical.

But my point is simply this: many Americans act in a morally corrupt manner. Growing up a country that educates with an emphasis on "Us" as always right and always victorious as well as always fighting for good and democracy, they have lost all empathy with every other country with the ironic exception of England, the one country who "We" fought as guerillas and who England once declared as "terrorists."2

Americans -- those Americans who support the United States' current foreign policies -- are morally corrupt due to being blinded by the "American Myth" that America has always fought on foreign soils solely to deter other nations' aggression.

The big elephant in our room has been dead for quite some time.

Our "Cold War" to contain a monster bent on world domination -- The Soviet Union -- should have been over years ago, bringing relative peace to the world. Why has it not? Why has the "Cold War" been replaced with the "Global War on Terror?"

Why are Americans still fighting -- killing and destroying -- on foreign soil? How long can America sustain it's killing people abroad.

I'll get to 9/11 later, but for now, consider all other reasons why America still is fighting abroad. Well, there's just one reason given, isn't there? All the Bush Administration's rhetoric falls back to one basic premise: "They hate our freedom."

No sane person can believe that anyone "hates our freedom." This is the most intellectually bankrupt argument that any human being could possibly utter.

Osama bin Laden has stated his reason for his attacks on American soil. And it is, of course, 9/11 that all those who support the Bush Administration's foreign policies use as the reason for America's excuse to have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. For on 9/11 our country was attacked, our soil was invaded, our innocent civilians died -- 3,000 of them died.

But it was not a country that invaded America on 9/11. It was 15 men, foreigners yes, but foreigners here legally, with valid visas, that lived among us for years, who committed criminal acts of hijacking planes and deliberately crashing them with intent to commit murder. Acts we now know were expected, or at least were known to be a possibility. Indeed, the Bush Administration is quick to tell us that the men they hold in foreign jails are less military men and more criminals to which neither U.N. nor U.S. laws apply.

Osama bin Laden has stated his reason for his attacks on American soil: American military presence on Arab soil.

Americans, not knowing, not understanding, what it is like to have foreigners killing and destroying on their own soil, have been unable to understand the horrible fear and hatred our presence and our killing of others have wrought upon us.

Americans -- those Americans who support the United States' current foreign policies -- are morally corrupt. Those same Americans, who cry of "pain at the pump," and who are outraged at a day without electricity due to a mechanical failure in a transmission line, would never be able to endure the hardships they their country with their consent has wrought upon one-third of the entire globe.

1. There was that little old war of 1812, but I had forgotten about it.
2. And Israel, too. God forbid we forget Israel!
(C) 2006-2013, Greg Jennings