September 11, 2004

The Legacy of George "Dubya" Bush

1. January 21, 2000

"When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world, and you knew exactly who they were. It was us versus them, and it was clear who them was. Today, we are not so sure who the they are, but we know they're there."

2. February 16, 2000

"If you're sick and tired of the politics of cynicism and polls and principles, come and join this campaign."

3. August 13, 2002

"There may be some tough times here in America. But this country has gone through tough times before, and we're going to do it again."

4. September 12, 2002

"Right now, Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons."

5. January 28, 2002

"Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent."

6. October 7, 2002

"We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas."

7. February 8, 2003

"We have sources that tell us that Saddam Hussein recently authorized Iraqi field commanders to use chemical weapons -- the very weapons the dictator tells us he does not have."

8. February 25, 2003

"It is important for the Iraqi leadership and Iraqi generals to clearly understand that if they take innocent life, if they destroy infrastructure, they will be held to account as war criminals."

9. March 17, 2003

"Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

10. April 24, 2003

"We are learning more as we interrogate or have discussions with Iraqi scientists and people within the Iraqi structure, that perhaps he destroyed some, perhaps he dispersed some. And so we will find them."

11. May 3, 2003

"We'll find them. And it's just going to be a matter of time to do so."

12. May 6, 2003

"I'm not surprised if we begin to uncover the weapons program of Saddam Hussein -- because he had a weapons program."

13. June 9, 2003

"Iraq had a weapons program...Intelligence throughout the decade showed they had a weapons program. I am absolutely convinced with time we'll find out they did have a weapons program."

14. July 2, 2003

"There are some who feel like, that the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is bring them on."

15. July 17, 2003

"We won't be proven wrong. I believe that we will find the truth. And the truth is, he was developing a program for weapons of mass destruction."

16. October 9, 2003

"I was not about to leave the security of the American people in the hands of a madman."

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