February 3, 2007

Occupation is a Violent Act

Why have we not stopped the war?

Because the "leaders" and their crony "pundits" (the Right Wing press/radio) as well as their supporters live (well, want to anyway) in a fantasy world where they see the world through the eyes of children playing Cowboys n' Indians -- with their (America's) role of the strong-willed sheriff shootin' down the bad guys.

It's the American persona as told by the likes of Mason Weems reinforced through icons of the stage and screen from "Nathan Brittles" in John Ford's "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" to "Jack Bauer" of "24".

They call themselves "Cultural Warriors" these arm-chair vigilantes who themselves do not do any fighting beyond shouting on the airwaves and in books -- the Limbaughs, O'Reillys, Coulters, Savages, and the Becks. Vile people who never offer solutions; only hatred of anything differing from their fantasy image of what America should be: white christians in nice homes with a working Dad and a stay-at-home breeding Mom. All people "of color" need to stay on their side of the border thank-you-very-much.

These "Cultural Warriors" egg people on though, don't they. This War would not have happened if enough people actually were educated enough to know that a military occupation NEVER GOES WELL NOR AS PLANNED AND ALWAYS HAS COSTS VASTLY GREATER THAN IMAGINABLE.

This is not "Dubya-Dubya-Two" where our Audie Murphy's kills all the "bad guys". This war was ordained to be a mess from conception. Only people who have learned their history by WATCHING MOVIES would have thought that the U.S.A. could possibly have turned Iraq into a "beacon of democracy" by force and invasion.

Occupation is a violent act. Occupation makes people angry!

In this country we have millions of people in an uproar when their electricity goes out for more than 12 hours! When they are inconvenienced in line for the latest Playstation!

Can you imagine living in a country with hundreds of thousands dead over five years by another countries bombs and soldiers? With foreign tanks blowing up houses? Foreign troops kicking down doors and arresting your neighbors? You would be so angry you'd want to fight back any way you could!

But, no. Our "leaders" want to be written about as "heros" who brought democracy to the Middle East.

But at what cost? At what cost!

(C) 2007-2013, Greg Jennings