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What would you think of a person who:

And furthermore, who:

And who:

The first list alone is indicative of a personality disorder. Sure, it feels bad to find out that something you said turned out to be wrong - even just getting the date of a historical event wrong. Most people accept their mistakes. Most people "learn from their mistakes". People who do so are considered "normal".

People who say that they never made or make mistakes, that they are always right - that they are and were never wrong - are not just lying to people, they are lying to themselves. Such persons have a personality disorder.

I do not make that statement lightly nor out of passion. Any human being that states that they are always right is a fool. They are fooling themselves, and in the case of pundits and presidential candidates, they are fooling their followers.

This disorder, I say, is the sole source of the dissension in society. The sole cause of the divisiveness of society.

This is not just America, not just "The West", though those dominate the news (though there is no "discussion" about this). This affects all societies the world over wherever there is strife.

Those people and groups who purposefully propagate lies are not what I am trying to emphasize here. I mean people who live with a fantasy world in their heads. Those who think that the best of their society was in the past and who "long" for such a nostalgic era. Those people who really believe themselves without flaw and that it is only "those other people" that are ruining their world.

The people who live in fantasy of "better days past", of "white picket fences" and neighborhoods populated with people "like them" are deluding themselves and are making society far, far worse for all.

Does anyone truly want to go back to a time without an electric grid, indoor plumbing or antibiotics? Only those wishing to live by themselves in the woods - nothing wrong with that. And even those living "off the grid" - a rather good thing - still retain the advantage of modern technology and medicine.

When people are led to believe - and Conservatives have been so led - that "other people" are to blame for their woes - woes of any kind - it is "those people" who suffer directly, and themselves who suffer indirectly.

I heard this in a documentary about New York City: that when bus routes were being expanded, a bridge to a section of the city populated with some of "those people" was purposely constructed lower than the height of a bus.

The point here is that some of "those people" have been for the entire history of the United States of America enslaved, denigrated, segregated, demonized and subjected to indignation upon indignation - and to this day a large portion of society denies and/or discounts those facts.

We know who they are.

They do not know who they are. And that is our problem

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